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I will come to your home or business to service your computer or network. If I can't make repairs on-site, I will issue you a claim check andHappy
              Computer take your computer with me and return it when repairs are complete.

Please call me.  I want to end your frustration!  (951) 663-4353

I also setup TVs and home theaters! If you don't see a service you would like to have performed, please contact me. Prices subject to change without notice! Estimates are FREE if you live in Hemet or San Jacinto.  If you live outside of Hemet or San Jacinto, I may charge for drive-time.

Credit CardsI accept cash, check, or credit card. I'm also happy to spread your payment over a few months, if necessary.  I will do my best to work with you and to stay within your budget. My rate is generally $60 per hour, but I will take into consideration your budget and whether you are on a fixed income.  I may charge as little as $40 total, if I am able to resolve the issue quickly.


Linux Mint

I am most familiar with Microsoft Windows and GNU/Linux (particularly Mint and other Debian derivitaves).  I can also assist if you have a Chromebook.

The follow services (and more) are available.  Please call for an estimate.

Estimates FREE for Hemet
and San Jacinto
I give free estimates.  Contact me, and I will come to your residence or business to inspect your computer equipment. Note - if you live outside of Hemet or San Jacinto, you may be expected to pay for drive-time.

You Want New Computer

$60 per hour Do you want to buy a new desktop or laptop computer, but you don't know where to begin?  I can help point you in the right direction, and make recommendations.  I am also willing to join you if you want to shop for a computer locally. 
Quick Tune-Up (on-site) $60
I will speed-up your computer by removing malware, optimizing Windows, and more.  This is a very quick service, which I can perform on-site.  However, if the computer is heavily infected with malware, I may recommend the deep-clean service.
Virus Removal & Tune-up (deep-clean, off-site) $125 I will speed-up your computer by disabling unnecessary startup applications and services, optimizing Windows, removing malware, checking for security issues, defragmenting the hard drive, Master File Table, and much more. The service fee will depend on the degree of infection, age of the computer, and a number of other factors. 
Computer Repair
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Includes troubleshooting, hardware repairs (when feasible), virus removal, software corrections, or Windows repair and re-installation.  If I can't repair your PC, there is no charge.  Free diagnostics, if you live in Hemet or San Jacinto!
Password Recovery
$40 - $80

Are you locked out of your email?  Can't get into Skype or other service, because your password isn't recognized?  Maybe you can't even login to Windows?  I can help. 
Hardware Upgrade

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I can upgrade your current desktop or laptop computer by adding RAM, a hard drive, or other component.  Extra RAM will speed up your computer, while a bigger hard drive will expand your storage space for documents and music.

Display Replacement

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I can replace your cracked laptop screen. The service fee will depend on the model.  The LCD or LED on Most laptops is easy to replace, however some laptops are more involved, and require a heatgun.  The fee does NOT include parts for the display!
File Transfer
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Just bought a new computer, but you need the software or hardware on your old computer?  If you need to have the files and software from your old computer copied to your new computer, I may be able to do this for you.  In some cases, the old hard drive can be moved to the new computer, so you will be up and running instantly with no software re-installations! 

Data Recovery

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I will attempt to recover your files from a computer that won't turn on or won't boot. If your hard drive has gone bad, I may be able to recover your data, but there is no guarantee.  There is no charge if I am unable to recover your data.

Home Theater - DVDs, VCRs, CD Players, etc

by quote I can setup your home theater for you. I can connect and configure receivers, DVD players, CD players, VHS tape players, televisions, speakers and more.  I can also help you with those frustrating remote controls!

Website Design

by quote Please contact us for details.


$60 per hour I can help you, if you have questions about your computer.